Squeegee Materials

Watts Urethane Products Ltd produces components from a huge range of various Polyurethane blends. These materials can be manufactured in various hardness’ ranging from a 40 Shore A (soft eraser), up to a 72 Shore D (the same as nylon).

All materials are stored, prepared and processed as per our supplier’s recommendations and cast through sophisticated, computer-controlled dispensing equipment, which ensures the end component has the maximum properties to suit our customers’ requirements.

For more detail on Polyurethanes and why to use Polyurethane compare to other materials, please go to the Watts Urethane Products Ltd site

Due to the breadth and depth of industries and markets that we serve, combined with the close inter-working relationship of our product groups, we are continually learning to supply better products, at better prices and with better service.

Watts offer four distinct squeegee materials to cover the full spectrum of screen printing applications:

2000 Series is a premium Watts Squeegee product offering market leading performance at competitive prices. This material delivers high abrasion resistance, impressive chemical resistance and very good all round properties. Suitable for use in a wide range of Screen Printing applications and ideal for a distributor selling into a variety of customers.

5000 Series is the Watts Squeegee material range offering the very highest abrasion resistance. Made from a Vulkollan® material, these squeegees will offer long life solutions in very tough applications. Vulkollan® is made under licence from Bayer AG and Watts Urethane Products Ltd is one of a small number of Global companies with the licence to produce this material.

7000 Series is an extremely good value range of Watts Squeegee blades, offering the same high quality as all Watts Squeegee Blades, with good performance across the range of products. Most commonly used for textile printing but is popular across a broad spectrum of Screen Printing applications.

8000 Series material has been designed to provide a solution to more extreme applications. The 8000 Series is at the forefront of our ongoing development programme, which results in innovative and practical solutions to the problems created at the boundaries of screen printing development. It offers extremely high chemical and solvent resistance to enable longer life and quality of print, when other products fail.


The NEW G30Rotary Profiled Watts Squeegee Blade is a flexible blade constructed with a fibreglass backing and a Polyurethane Printing strip, offering optimum performance in rotary applications. The Polyurethane component is the Watts 5000 Series material, which is a Vulkollan ® polyurethane made under licence from Bayer AG.


The edges of Watts Blades are regarded amongst the best in the industry, using CNC Cutting Technology for a precise Linear Cut. The profiled items are also cut using a linear technique, ensuring the perfect finish to enable high quality print.

We work closely with suppliers to specifically formulate Polyurethane Materials to enable to highest performance in specific applications.

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